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Flyingbees Inc. is a Full-service Social Media Marketing (SMM) agency that offers tailored Social Media strategies to all Business verticals. Our result-oriented & tailored strategies ensure your customers/clients can find you easily online.

 Expand your Reach & Grow your Business

What’s the best place to market your product/service? It’s the place where people spend a lot of time, right? And right now, people are spending a lot of time on Social Media.

Did you know that there are 4.55 Billion active social media users across the globe? That’s almost half of the earth’s population!

And on average, each user spends almost 2 ½ hours on Social Media. So marketing your product/service on Social Media can give a phenomenal boost to your Business. Almost 60% of Brand Customers follow the Brand page to learn about the new offerings. So it’s critical to have a reliable Social Media partner that can offer full-spectrum Social Media Marketing services can revolutionize your Market presence.

How can we help?

At Flyingbees Inc., we assist Businesses across multiple industry verticals to grow their Business with our creative Social Media Marketing Strategies. With a knack to be the best service provider in the industry, we are well-equipped to handle all your Marketing needs.

From identifying the right audience for your Business, designing scroll-stopping creatives, knocking out compelling copies, and helping you generate fresh leads, we will take care of everything.

How do we roll?

This is the first step of our long journey as your Social Media Partner. Our specialists sit down with you to understand your goals, expectations, needs & wants. We believe in listening to every detail, you have to share.
During the consultation, our specialists offer their inputs wherever required. We won’t force our services down your throat. Instead, we devise a tailored approach for every client, depending on their need. Once we know what exactly that you expect from us, we can position ourselves in a place to serve you better.

Strategy Mapping

The next step is to start mapping a perfect strategy for your Business. This map has everything from your goals, needs, and steps needed to achieve those goals to the most relevant social media platforms, timelines & metrics to track the progress of your campaign.
Our strategy mapping also focuses on identifying your audience, which platform they often use, what type of content they like to consume & how we can help convert them into loyal customers. With a robust strategy in place & engaging content rolling out, we are all set to engage with your audience.

Managing Engagement

Social Media is the most preferred platform by the customers to interact with any Brand. So it becomes crucial to manage the inbound engagement by the customers. Our team will help you manage your engagements effectively by responding to comments, questions & issues raised by your audience.
Our team ensures efficient two-way communication between your Brand & audience goes smoothly. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat, we have dedicated specialists to handle all your Social media profiles.

KPI monitoring

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) monitoring is critical to ensure whether your campaign’s goals are achieved. Data is the key to success in this Digital World. So we at Flyingbees Inc constantly monitor multiple KPIs relevant to your campaign.
Such constant monitoring helps you understand how well is your hard-earned money is being spent.

Full-spectrum Social Media Marketing agency

We breathe, eat, drink & live Social Media! Whatever your Social Media needs are, we are here to fulfill them. With one of the most talented & creative teams, we lead your Social Media Marketing campaigns from the front.
Here is what we offer in our full-spectrum Social Media Marketing package.

Social Media Management

Under this umbrella service, we manage all your Social Profiles, Social Media audit, Audience Research, Planning, Execution & Analysis. We adopt a holistic approach to leverage the efficacy of multiple Social Media platforms & boost your Social Presence.
By fusing Organic & Paid ad campaigns, we ensure your ads are placed in front of the right audience, helping you generate maximum convertible leads. Our creative team constantly works on your platforms to rollout Engaging, Meaningful & Interesting Content. We adopt a multi-pronged approach to deliver the best possible results & maximum ROI.

Social Media Paid Ad Campaigns

The current Social Media trend is “Pay to Play.” This means that without significant investment, you can’t get desired results with your Social Media Campaign. So at Flyingbees Inc, we offer custom Paid ads campaigns for your Social Media.
Paid ads are one of the most efficient ways to solidify your Brand in the market, Boost Conversion & Generate Revenue. Our paid ads help you connect with your potential customer, engage them with tailored messages, & convert them into loyal customers. On top of it, our paid ad campaigns are designed to boost your Brand’s visibility too.

Why Flyingbees Inc?

  1. Full-spectrum services

Any Social Media Marketing campaign is successful only if a Client receives all relevant services from one place. So at Flyingbees Inc, we offer a full-services SEO campaign to help you get the best results. In addition, we have a dedicated team of designers, copywriters, social media managers, strategists & marketing veterans to help your Brand’s Social Media Campaign. So whether its Creating immersive graphics, writing impeccable copies, or Social Media Management, we have everything in-house.


Expertise & experience

Social Media Marketing is a dynamic space that constantly keeps evolving. So you need a team with years of experience & with know, who can understand evolving needs of Social Media Marketing. At Flyingbees, you get both. Our collective services can bolster your market presence & elevate your Brand presence.


Cost-effective solutions

Posting on Social Media is free, but building a Brand using Social Media is not! You’ll need strategists, creative graphic designers, Social Media managers & content creators to do so. And this comes with a hefty price tag! But, we believe every Business has the right to grow with SMM services. So, we offer highly cost-effective solutions without affecting the results.


Proven Strategies

We don’t believe in trial & error. So we fuse proven SMM strategies with an innovative approach to get the best result for our clients. Instead of wasting resources on experimenting, we deploy them on proven strategies that work.



You are spending your hard-earned money on SMM & hence you deserve to know where every single penny is spent. So at the end of every month, we deliver a detailed report that shows exactly how we are utilizing your money & what results in we are getting.


No strings attached

We do not believe in tying a client against their will. So at first, we offer a free consultation to each client. Once the contract is signed & if you don’t like our service (it’s a big IF though!), we won’t compel you to stay with us forever. You can terminate the contract with a few pre-requisite at any time.

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