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Flyingbees Inc. is a Full-service SEO agency that offers tailored SEO strategies to all Business verticals. With our result-oriented & tailored strategies, we ensure your customers/clients can find you easily online. 

What is SEO & you cannot ignore it?

There are hundreds of businesses in your area that offers similar services to yours. In short, the competition is tough & online visibility is the key. With the rise of the Internet & Smart devices, people look out for Brands on Google

In fact, 74% of your customers search for you online before interacting with you. So if you are not online or if your potential customers can’t find you on Google’s first page, it’s game over. They are not walking into your doors, period.

“Did you know almost 70% of people click on the top 3 results on Google’s Search Page? So if you are not there, it’s difficult to generate more business online.”

Enter SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your website & taking certains steps to help you appear on the top of Google’s search results Organically (without paid ads)

So you need a robust SEO strategy that can place you on the top of Google’s search results. This will help your customers find you easily.

How can we help?
We are a full-service SEO agency with a dedicated team of SEO specialists. We offer fully tailored & sophisticated SEO services to our clients. In addition, our Tactical & Strategic teams can help your Brand build a solid online presence with proven & efficient SEO tactics. 

Instead of forcing our ideas on you, we sit down & understand your goals. Then, based on your vision, we offer our input & take ideas from you as well to build a robust SEO strategy that works like a charm.

Full-service SEO agency in your area
When you hire Flyingbees, you access our extensive talent pool of SEO specialists. With our team managing your SEO, you can sit back & relax. We will manage everything from strategy building to reporting, so you can focus on growing your core business. 

Here is what we cover in our full-service SEO package

Keyword Research & Strategy building

Our best SEO services begin with performing extensive Keyword Research & Strategy building for your Brand. Then, by preparing a list of high-volume & less competitive keywords, we will start designing custom SEO strategies for your business. 

In short, once you hire us, we start building your SEO campaigns from scratch & then scale them.

Impeccable Copywriting

Well-crafted copies are vital for the success of any SEO campaign. So in the next step, our specialized copywriters craft SEO-optimized copies for your website. Our keywords-rich copies are designed to help Google bots crawl easily & allow you to be found quickly. In addition, all our copies comply with Semantic Search & Voice search for better results.

Strategic Link Building

Link-building is an integral part of every SEO campaign. Healthy inbound & outbound links offer Google bots easy navigation while accessing the information. In addition, our strategic link-building can help your website rank higher by offering easy crawling & indexing of your web pages.

On-Page SEO 

Each page on your website has to be optimized to ensure Google bots can crawl quickly. So at Flyingbees Inc., we focus on multiple on-page factors like Images, information, navigation, site mapping & much more to help crawlers & users access all the information quickly. This can bolster your website’s Google ranking significantly. 

Technical SEO

Apart from your on-page SEO elements, it’s critical to focus on your other Technical SEO elements. At Flyingbees Inc., we focus on elements like XML sitemaps, load speed & link health to boost your SEO ranking on Google. 

Local SEO

As a Local Business, people living near your base of operation must know about your presence. So we deploy specific Local SEO tactics to ensure your local customers can find you easily before finding your competitors. 

Why Flyingbees Inc?

Full-service SEO

Any SEO campaign is successful only if a Client receives all SEO-related services from one place. Getting on-page SEO in one place, Copywriting in another & Off-page SEO in the third place can do more harm than good. So at Flyingbees Inc, we offer a full-services SEO campaign to help you get the best results. Whether its Creating immersive graphics, writing impeccable copies or technical SEO, we have everything in-house.

Expertise & experience

SEO is a dynamic space that constantly keeps evolving. So you need a team with years of experience & expertise in the field who can understand evolving needs of SEO. At Flyingbees, you get both with our experienced SEO team. Our collective services can bolster your market presence & elevate your website’s ranking on Google.


Cost-effective SEO solutions

People believe SEO is free, and that’s correct. But to do so, you need a team of SEO experts (with hefty price tags!), dedicated infrastructure( again, not so cheap!) & a workforce. That’s the reason some agencies charge extensively for SEO. But at Fltingbees Inc, we believe every business has the right to grow with SEO services. Hence, we offer highly cost-effective solutions without affecting the results.

Proven Strategies

We don’t believe in trial & error. So we fuse proven SEO strategies with an innovative approach to get the best result for our clients. Instead of wasting resources on experimenting, we deploy them on proven strategies that work.


You are spending your hard-earned money on SEO & hence you deserve to know where every single penny is spent. So at the end of every month, we deliver a detailed report that shows exactly how we are utilizing your money & what results are we getting.

No strings attached

We do not believe in tying a client against their will. So at first, we offer a free consultation to each client. Once the contract is signed & if you don’t like our service (it’s a big IF though!), we won’t compel you to stay with us forever. You can terminate the contract with a few pre-requisite at any time. 

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