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Flyingbees Inc. is a Full-service SEO agency that offers tailored SEO strategies to all the Business verticals. Our result-oriented & tailored strategies ensure your customers/clients can find you easily online.
Is your website struggling with low traffic? Want to appear in front of the users looking for your product or services? We understand the struggle. Organic SEO can take time to get you the desired results. But, what if you need your website to be seen on the top today? Entre PPC (Pay-per-click)!

What is PPC?
PPC is an online advertising system where you will have to pay Search Engines every time a user clicks your ad. Carefully crafted PPC campaigns can quickly boost your Brand’s recognition, get you in front of your potential customers & drive more traffic to your website.
Such paid campaigns can propel your Brand’s visibility quickly. With a well-planned strategy, budget, keyword research, & clear Business goals, you can get phenomenal results.

Why are PPC campaigns extremely effective?
PPC campaigns are highly targeted. These campaigns place your ads in front of an audience genuinely looking for your products or services. Your ad will only appear when people will search for a particular keyword.

How can we help?
Paid campaigns are complex & demand a lot of experience 7 expertise. You need a team of ad specialists who can identify your target audience & help deliver your message right in front of their screen. As you have to pay for every click, managing your ad spends effectively is critical.

At Flyingbees Inc., we specialize in assisting Businesses to get the maximum out of their ad spending & deliver result-oriented campaigns. We have 5+ years of experience managing Paid ad campaigns for our clients across multiple business niches. 

With a dedicated workforce of PPC specialists, we offer unmatched cross-collaboration of specialists, which is impossible for any in-house team or local agency. Equipped with years of experience, strategic Data, Cutting-edge tools & marvellous strategies, we will help you maximize your ROI. Our goal is simple, to get the maximum customers with minimum ad spending.

What PPC services do we offer?

Display ads
Visually appealing display ads are the best way to grab your attention. It helps connect with our potential clients & boost your conversions optimally. At Flyingbees Inc., we create visually appealing & attractive Display ads. We spread these ads across the web, helping you attract new visitors & convert them into loyal customers.

Programmatic ads
As technology evolves, we are adapting along with it. With a complex algorithm, valuable data & specific know-how, we craft Programmatic ads that help you reach out to your customers. Our strategies can place you in front of the right audience at the right time. This helps you maximize your conversion rate & grow your Business.

Paid Social ads
Social Media is where people spend a lot of time. So using paid social ads can deliver outstanding results & help you convert maximum visitors into customers. Out specialists at Flyingbees Inc. will create highly targeted Paid Social Ads that can help you get maximum conversions & grow your Business on Social Media.

Remarketing ads
Converting someone who is already interested in your product & services is an easy task. Remarketing ads can play a vital role in it. At Flyingbees Inc, we create custom Remarketing ads that can help convert your previous website visitors into loyal customers.

Why Flyingbees Inc?
Full-spectrum services

Any PPC campaign is successful only if a Client receives all relevant services from one place. So at Flyingbees Inc, we offer a full-services PPC campaign to help you get the best results. We have a dedicated team of designers, copywriters, ad managers, strategists & marketing veterans to help your Brand’s Social Media Campaign. Whether it’s Creating immersive graphics, writing impeccable copies or Ad Management, we have everything in-house.

Expertise & experience
PPC is a dynamic space that constantly keeps evolving. So you need a team with years of experience & with know, who can understand evolving needs of PPC. At Flyingbees, you get both. Our collective services can bolster your market presence & elevate your brand presence.

Cost-effective solutions
You’ll need strategists, creative graphic designers, ads managers & content creators to get optimum results. And this comes with a hefty price tag! But, we believe every Business has the right to grow with PPC services. So, we offer highly cost-effective solutions without affecting the results.

Proven Strategies
We don’t believe in trial & error. So we fuse proven PPC strategies with an innovative approach to get the best result for our clients. Instead of wasting resources on experimenting, we deploy them on proven strategies that work.

You are spending your hard-earned money on PPC & hence you deserve to know where every single penny is spent. So at the end of every month, we deliver a detailed report that shows exactly how we are utilizing your money & what results are we getting.

No strings attached
We do not believe in tying a client against their will. So at first, we offer a free consultation to each client. Once the contract is signed & if you don’t like our service (it’s a big IF though!), we won’t compel you to stay with us forever. You can terminate the contract with a few pre-requisite at any time.

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